Work Bench


Time to build: ~4 hours

It's been a while since I've built anything. However, I finally managed to collect enough scrap wood to piece together a wooden work bench to fill the empty spot of my garage.

It's not 100% finished as I still plan on installing a vice, anvil, drillpress, grinder, and other tools. As to not permanently sacrifice space I decided to make the installations modular for a sort of plug-and-play experience. I also plan on mounting a beer opener and electrical outlet strip. (and beer holder?)

One thing not accounted for in the construction of this workbench is it's weight. In the process of flipping it right-side up I discovered that this beast was much heavier than anticipated. Unfortunately, it will only get heavier when I mount a more sturdy table top to it.

Positive design choices:

  • Using 4x4" boards for the core improved overall strength.
  • Placing two layers of 2x4" frames around the top of the bench improved stability.
  • The upper two-layered frame left me short a few long 2x4"s that I originally planned on using to build the bottom frame. I lucked out as it forced me to leave a side open to place a chair alongside the planned shelf space.