Rubik's Cube 2D - Java

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This is a simple 2D representation of a Rubik's Cube written in Java. Its main purpose to be easily integrated with other software. I.e. A Rubik's Cube solving Neural Network. Therefore, the UI is not extremely eye catching. But it serves a good test to demonstrate that the software is working. Later implementations will better support NxNxN cubes.

The Jar file can be downloaded here: Rubik's Cube.jar Just click it to run it. If you have any problems running it, check to ensure that Java is correctly installed on your machine.

Rubik's Cube 2D java Rubik's Cube 2D java is the main wrapper class to Cube3D

Each of the 27 cubes that make up a standard 3x3 Rubik's Cube, I call a Cubit.