Project Euler - Java

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In an attempt to keep my brain from rusting I decided to try and work through all the Project Euler problems. So far I have solved 72. Still have a lot to go, and I'm sure they will get much harder soon.

My current score :)

All problems can be found on my Github Page Here

For a full list of all the problems I've solved, solutions, and times visit my dedicated page: Project Euler

looks something like this:

Answer Time @Source
#1 233168 0.002ms Link
#2 4613732 0.002ms Link
#3 6857 0.002ms Link
#4 906609 0.033ms Link
#5 232792560 0.65ms Link
#6 25164150 0.0ms Link
#7 104743 0.027ms Link
#8 40824 0.001ms Link
#9 31875000 0.893ms Link
#10 142913828922 1.313ms Link

Please do not just copy/paste my answers as that would defeat the purpose of Project Euler, but instead try to solve them on your own first :)